What Better Value/Better Health means to us

Medicine Plus takes Better Value/Better Health sincere. We strive to provide better value, not only for your wallet, but higher quality as well. We don’t carry anything we don’t take pride in or wouldn’t personally recommend. Not only have we been around since 1983, we consider our patients and customers as family, and treat them as such, which means we only want the best for you. We pride ourselves on finding the right products that are effective and affordable.

We want to help our community be healthy. We understand that takes moral support and motivation, as well as education. We care and strive to help with that. Did you know Jade, your local pharmacist has received specialized training in nutritional supplements? He has also received specialized training in customized hormone replacement therapy, pain management, adrenal fatigue, thyroid hormones and weight loss management.

We do more than slap a label on it, we take the time to understand the medications and understand your needs. Jade is dedicated to the point of creating new medications via compounding for those who require something different than what the big drug companies can offer. He has dedicated a lot of time researching compounding to help those that need it. He is a member of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists and Professional Compounding Centers of America. Not everybody can take anything and you shouldn’t have to suffer or go without. Jade is skilled at creating custom formulas that are right for you and your needs. That’s dedication you can’t find just anywhere. We love having our family grow and invite you to experience your community pharmacy.