Supplements with Psorasis

Psoriasis does not have a cure, but there are many treatment options available to minimize and eliminate symptoms.  Treatment focuses on preventing skin growth and differentiation and is usually a topical treatment.  Psoriasis tends to run in families.  The genetic predisposition to psoriasis may also be related to vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, which also run in families.  By supplementing needed vitamins and minerals, psoriasis outbreaks can be minimized.

Zinc is the second highest trace mineral in the body.  Studies show that zinc is needed to properly heal skin.  Skin conditions heal twice as fast with the addition of oral zinc.  Patients with psoriasis routinely demonstrate low plasma zinc concentrations.  Zinc improves immune function and is needed for many metabolic processes in the body.  Zinc 220mg twice daily is suggested for patients with psoriatic and other skin conditions.

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin with antioxidant properties.  Vitamin in E oil can be used in compounded products as an additional moisturizer.  Doses if 600 IU orally have been used for psoriasis and other skin conditions.  High doses of Vitamin E can thin the blood and should be discussed with a physician.

Fatty acids and fish oils decrease inflammation.  Some psoriatic patients are deficient in fatty acids and fish oils, which can worsen inflammation.  Fish oil can thin the blood, so a physician should be consulted prior to a patient also takes warfarin or other blood thinners.  Fish Oil is dosed 2000mg orally twice daily.

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin needed for proper functioning and development of nerves, blood cells, and metabolism and energy production of many parts of the body.  Vitamin B12 may influence psoriasis due to its role in DNA synthesis.  Vitamin B12 can be compounded to a topical product and

Vitamin D3 deficiency is prevalent in psoriatic patients.  Vitamin D and its analogs are needed for proper cell growth and differentiation.  Although it is unclear how Vitamin D improves some psoriasis, it is thought it slows skin cell growth and counteracts the body’s response to inflammation.  Dosages of 200 IU daily and higher have been used for psoriasis treatment.  It can also be added to topical compound products to aid in healing a psoriasis outbreak.

The majority of the body’s immune system is in the stomach.  Probiotics stabilize the intestinal gut bacteria and can therefore improve the immune system.  Studies show probiotics can decrease the incidence of allergy related skin conditions by up to 50%.


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