Integrative Hormone Consulting


Nutritional Supplements
Pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements: Not all supplements are created equal. Speak to one of our pharmacists to learn how utilizing high quality pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements can benefit your health. Our vitamins include Metagenics, Ortho Molecular, Pure Ecapsulations, Douglas Labs, and Natural Creations just to name a few.

Drug Nutrient Depletions
Many side effects may be caused by prescription medications that can deplete certain nutrients from the body. Our pharmacist can review your medications and provide a personal consultation to determine if certain problematic symptoms are due to drug nutrient depletions. Our pharmacist can then recommend a supplement to help alleviate those symptoms.

Why Choose A 3P Pharmacy?
Medicine Plus is part of the 3P Pharmacy Network that has 200+ educational videos focusing on disease states, health conditions and nutrient depletions from many medications. The 3P Network highlights Medicine Plus from the rest of the pharmacy crowd for the best educational and quality care. Stop into Medicine Plus to learn more about this program.

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